"...creative, passionate, thoughtful, and understanding..."

"Alexa is a creative, passionate, thoughtful, and understanding therapist.  Her theatre background and unique approach helped me process emotions and prepare for/process multiple stressful moments in my life.  She was great about recommending supplementary reading and is highly responsive via phone and email.  Highly recommended!"

~ GP D. ~

"...a calm, non-judgmental, and safe environment..."

"Alexa creates a calm, non-judgmental, and safe environment for her clients.  I was very unsure about my decision to see a therapist but after our first meeting I felt so assured.  Her office is quiet and accommodating and even if I was sick or out of town, I could request a skype call in place of an in-person appointment.  A year or so in to therapy, Alexa had a review with me of all things we'd gone over and it was such an amazing view in to how much I had grown and developed.  Nothing ever felt too big or too small to share and with Alexa's guidance I was really amazed with how far I'd come."

~ Lindsay M. ~

"... tools to sort thoughts and relieve anxiety..."

"Working with Alexandra was my first time dedicating myself to therapy. Like most people I was very apprehensive at first and wasn't really sure what to expect after hearing stories of therapists telling you what to do as if you are a child or just completely ignoring you while you talk to yourself about your issues. Let me just state the moment I was in Alexandra's office and our first meeting I was immediately put at ease and felt calm as she has such a lovely energy about her and such a soothing voice! Talking to her felt like I was talking to a really good friend who helped me sort out my issues so that they were not muddled together. Instead of "telling" me what to do we would go through each issues and if I felt stuck she would give suggestions or guidance to help me make my own decisions in a thoughtful clear headed way. The tools she gave me to sort my thoughts and relieve my anxiety through a year of therapy got me off my anxiety medication and I haven't had to go back on. I can not thank her enough for helping me find strength within myself to face everyday. There are still those hard days but they are nothing compared to what I used to feel before and now I have the tools."

~ Mel C. ~

"...necessary skills to navigate and ultimately find peace in a somewhat chaotic lifestyle..."

"Alexa is not only a kind, open, lovely human being, but she is an exceptional therapist and mental heath professional.  She is incredibly patient, accepting, and intelligent when it comes to understanding people's individual issues.  Nothing phases this woman, believe me.  My time with her helped me progress in my life and goals immensely, and I would never trade that experience.  As a traveling performer, my life is rather hectic, but she gave me the necessary skills to navigate and ultimately find peace in a somewhat chaotic lifestyle.  Alexa is empathetic, upfront, and makes no excuses for negative self talk.  She also is very skilled and knowledgeable of mindfulness techniques.  I very much enjoyed her creative but highly effective drama therapy, which I think transfers over to any person in the entertainment industry, no matter what the field, and resonates deeply with artists of any kind.  Alexa will serve as a friend, confidante, and rock for when you are vulnerable and in need of guidance.  She is really a special kind of therapist, advisor, and individual."

~ Grace S. ~

"...practical suggestions and lots of actionable, immediate takeaways..."

"Amazing experience working with Alexandra. Very calm approach, non judgemental, practical suggestions and lots of actionable, immediate takeaways. She did a great job of rolling with the flow of my very fast paced lifestyle and challenges. She also makes herself available remotely so you don't have to cancel appointments most of the time if something happens. Wonderful experience. Hire her now."

~ Stephanie M. ~

"...grow as a person..."

"Alexa is wonderful.  I am so thankful to have had Alexa as my therapist for 2 years, and she truly helped me grow as a person during that time.  She is incredibly dedicated and passionate about what she does.  She truly cares about her patients’ well-being.  I can’t recommend Alexa enough."

~ Michael W ~

"...work through a lot of fundamental issues..."

"Alexandra helped me work through a lot of fundamental issues I had with being self aware and emotionally intelligent. She really helped me reach a place where I could develop a relationship with my older sister again who often felt misunderstood and frustrated with our family dynamic. It was/is a work in progress, but my sister and I are so close and I couldn't be happier with the result. She was someone I had missed so much for years and as we grew apart it really broke us down. I'm glad I went to Alexandra and had her help with guiding me towards a place where I was able to hear my sister for the first time and empathize with her situation. I grew SO much during the time I saw Alexandra and am so grateful for her guidance."

~ Sarah W. ~

"...work towards a major life transition..."

"Alexa worked with me through an 8-month period recently, and the only reason I had to stop seeing her was due to insurance reasons.  I felt I really found a friend and someone who was there to really listen and understand what I was experiencing and feeling each day.  She made me feel like even the small stuff was worth talking about.  We stay so much in our heads so much of the day and think our little problems aren't important, but she made me feel okay and normal for working through them just as much as the big issues.  She worked with me initially because of some mild depression following a life long battle with insecurity, unhappiness in my career path, as well as in my romantic relationships.  I didn't realize it at the time we started working together, but she then helped me work towards a major life transition.  She helped me see myself and my life in a much more positive hopeful light.  She helped me work through visualization exercises, as well as working through a lot of discussion, to help me clear out my mental blocks and guide me towards the decisions I needed to make for myself.  I wish I could have remained seeing her for a bit longer. I would recommend her to anyone."

~ Heather U. ~